in 2011, ccs embarked on a visionary mission to orchestrate captivating grand openings and establish a vibrant online community where ardent brand enthusiasts could connect and exchange their shared passion. in collaboration with automatic media, we embarked on a creative odyssey, seamlessly merging design brilliance with technological expertise to construct an enchanting digital realm that celebrated the very essence of skateboarding and the interconnected world of brands.

taking inspiration from the dynamic skateboarding community, automatic media delved deep into user behavior while analyzing ccs's existing e-commerce website and content. this meticulous process allowed us to enhance the user experience through the creation of wireframes and prototypes. the outcome was a visually captivating identity pulsating with the vibrant spirit of skateboarding culture, brought to life through edgy contours, striking typography, and a vivid color palette.

the web-friendly architecture served as a thriving hub for user-generated content, amplified by gamification elements that encouraged active participation. within just one month, our passionate community grew to over 10,000 members, with visitors spending an impressive average of 30 minutes per visit, demonstrating the seamless integration of e-commerce.

going beyond the online realm, automatic media's artistic prowess extended to encompass print collateral, marketing materials, digital content, and electrifying events, thereby creating a unified brand experience. this collaborative effort left an indelible mark on the skateboarding community, uniting enthusiasts from around the world in a haven of shared passions, celebrating the enduring legacy of skateboarding culture and innovation.

role: art direction /branding

©: ccs
agency: automatic media
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