at zodiac watches, i played a pivotal role in shaping the brand's identity and digital presence through art direction. this involved extensive involvement in conceptualizing and executing the brand's vision, imbuing it with a rebellious spirit and an unwavering commitment to precision swiss timekeeping. leading a team of designers, i ensured that our visual direction remained closely aligned with the brand's core ethos and objectives.

my expertise in video production enabled me to oversee the creation of compelling content tailored for distribution across various platforms. additionally, my meticulous approach to photo art direction resulted in the production of captivating visuals that authentically represented the brand and its product offerings.

at zodiac, we are dedicated to upholding a legacy of quality craftsmanship and design innovation, drawing inspiration from the rich heritage of swiss horology tradition and the multicultural charm of our home in the heart of swiss watchmaking excellence.
role: art director

company: zodiac watches
m. houlihan branding & digital creative direction -