in 2016, the oaktopia music and arts festival drew in a crowd of over 10,000 attendees hailing from 25 states and three different countries over the course of its three-day festivities. located in denton, tx, oaktopia enlisted m. houlihan as its art director. tasked with elevating the festival's brand identity and fostering community engagement, houlihan took charge of a comprehensive marketing and branding initiative.

under houlihan's guidance, oaktopia underwent a significant reimagining of its branding strategy. this involved the meticulous creation of print and digital marketing materials and the orchestration of cross-platform social media campaigns.

the event's on-stage performances were elevated by precision-crafted visual displays, enhancing the immersive atmosphere for attendees. additionally, houlihan supervised the development of sponsorship packages, captivating stage designs, and carefully curated credentials and apparel, ensuring a seamless and refined festival experience.
role: art direction /experiential design

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agency: m. houlihan
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