The exclusive "The Time Is Now" watch by Misfit Collectibles in collaboration with The Struts, designed by Luke Spiller himself. This limited edition gift set embodies Luke's unique style and unwavering determination to make every moment count. The versatile timepiece can be worn as a watch, necklace pendant, or pocket watch, accompanied by a crystal embellished Daddy Cat pendant for added flair.

As the Art Director and Digital Creative Lead, my goal is to connect our brands with vibrancy and create meaningful connections with our audience. Through dynamic photography, animations, events, and digital media that crafts an engaging narrative that resonates deeply with our youthful clientele.

The launch event promises an immersive experience blending art, music, and fashion, reflecting The Struts' rebellious ethos and Misfit Collectibles' refined craftsmanship. Our digital strategy extended the excitement beyond the venue with live streaming and interactive content, ensuring that this special moment reaches our online community.

role: art direction
/digital creative direction

company: misfit collectibles
m. houlihan branding & digital creative direction -