i have a deep passion for illustration and graphic design, particularly within the music industry, where i specialize in creating captivating gig posters that truly encapsulate the essence of each artist and event. throughout my career as an illustrator, i've been fortunate to collaborate with a diverse range of clients, including ok go, emo night tampa, ghostface killah, prhyme, breakbeat lou, kamasi washington, and many others.

my approach to gig poster design is firmly rooted in creativity and innovation. i firmly believe that each poster should serve as a visual representation of the artist's unique style and sound, while also effectively engaging the audience and generating excitement for the event. whether through bold typography or intricate illustrations, my goal is always to craft posters that not only stand out but also leave a lasting impression on viewers.

in addition to my work with individual artists, i also place a strong emphasis on collaboration with promoters and venues to develop cohesive branding and marketing materials for music events. whether it's a one-night-only show or a multi-day festival, i bring my unwavering passion for design to every project, ensuring that the visual identity aligns seamlessly with the overall musical experience.
role: illustration /graphic design

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agency: m. houlihan
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