in the realm of artistic visionaries, cold soda by elevate emerges as an ethereal sanctuary, an art gallery and cultural observatory crafted by the minds of michael houlihan (azn) and daniel i. yanez (diy). within its hallowed walls, contemporary art dances with vibrant hues, while culture intertwines with creativity in a symphony of boundless possibilities. this distinctive enclave seeks to transcend the ordinary, curating a realm where art thrives in a unique and engaging manner.

a symphony of contemporary art and ephemeral pop-up experiences took center stage, designed to enchant a diverse audience. the team's curation prowess curated a kaleidoscope of aesthetic treasures, drawing visitors into a world where art transcended boundaries and spoke to the soul. immersive installations beckoned, inviting visitors to surrender to an ethereal embrace, while interactive art experiences cast a spell, inspiring active participation in the tapestry of artistic exploration.

with each stroke of creative genius, cold soda by elevate flourished as an incubator of imagination. the team's visionary design forged a path where art became a conduit for connection and dialogue, a catalyst for the uncharted depths of human expression. visitors were captivated, invited to step into the heart of the art world, becoming active participants in an immersive experience that transcended the ordinary.

role: branding
/creative direction /founder

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